Scout Discipline System

We want scouts to have an enjoyable and safe time when we are together at meetings and out on activities and trips. Bad behaviour can mean that many of our planned activities cannot be run as intended due to the leadership team having to deal with unnecessary behaviour, which demoralises both the leaders and the scouts and can result in some scouts leaving simply because they are fed up with the behaviour of the troop.

If a scout misbehaves during a meeting they will be asked to stop. If they have to be spoken to for a second time during the same meeting they will be warned that their conduct is disrupting the meeting. If they have to be spoken to for a third time during the meeting, they will be asked to sit out of the activity for a period of 5 minutes, to consider what they are doing and to remove the impact they are having on others. At the conclusion of the meeting the parent will be emailed advising them that the conduct of the scout is not acceptable.

If this process has to be repeated for a second time within a term, the scout will be suspended for a week and their name will be removed from the next planned trip or offsite activity. If the process has to be repeated for the third time in a term the scout will be asked to leave the 2nd Bracknell Scout Group.

Trips between terms are considered part of the previous term (summer camp is part of summer term). Any deposits paid for a trip are non-refundable unless we can fill the place.

No one expects the scouts to behave perfectly all the time and it is appreciated that sometimes they do get carried away, but we have to keep certain behaviours to a minimum. Leaders need to know that a scout will behave appropriately for the situation and listen to instructions, because when they are out on activities some of the situations are potentially dangerous.

All members are reminded that they have all made the Scout Promise (or will do) and following it will help the leaders in running a Scout troop that is fun, exciting and enjoyable for all.

If you have any concerns about this system of discipline, please do not hesitate to contact us; or you can get in touch with all the scout leaders at