Victory Programme

Below is the Victory programme for the current term.┬áPlease be aware that this is not ‘realtime’, meaning the details can lag behind the system by 24 hours. Visit your child’s My.SCOUT pages to see up-to-date information.

08/09/2017Unnamed meetingWelcome back
15/09/2017Fire Cooking challengeFire Cooking challenge
22/09/2017Orienteering at Lily Hill ParkStart and finish at the Scout Hut. Run of the new Orienteering course at Lilly Hill, scouts to be sorted in to small team and will complete the course .
29/09/2017Tea Light pancakesScouts To make a Small Pan cake with food can & tea light- Scouts will need to bring an empty can (eg baked beans can) that has been washed and the label removed
06/10/2017Tracking nightTorch light tracking, a trip out to Lily Hill to practice traditional tracking skills, scouts to be sorted into 4 teams , all teams to leave a trail, then swap and follow a different teams trail, points for trails and following
13/10/2017Incident HikeScouts to follow a short route round the local area completing challenges at check points on the way
20/10/2017Water PoloMeeting at pool (venue tbc) for game of water polo
27/10/2017Half term - no meeting
03/11/2017Guy Fawkes CampGuy Fawkes camp- No Scouts -- All scouts welcome to attend this camp
10/11/2017Pioneering Scouts to work in patrols, focus on learning lashings and then to tie lashings and create a bridge points. Patrol with best bridge judged on teamwork & knots
17/11/2017Wide gameScouts to work in patrols. Wide game capture the flag- Lily Hill Park. Start and finish at Scout hut.
24/11/2017Sweet RidesEach Patrol to be given a selection of sweets to make a small go cart, points awarded on teamwork, creativity & distance travelled.
01/12/2017Junk buildingScouts to create and build a junk structure, in patrols
08/12/2017Coral ReefVisit to Coral Reef. Details to be confirmed
15/12/2017Fish & Chip Shop Hike & Overnighter With movie Hike, followed by fish & chips, movie stay at scout hut .