Contact Details for Leaders

This page is a work in progress

This page describes some additional information about our use of Personal Details data in OSM.

email addresses

Do not use both the ‘real’ address and a ‘’ or ‘’ address, the leader will get two emails. Only do this if the leader has another address that they want to use as well (i.e., they want two mails).


Any notes you wish to make about the member. Do not use this for dietary or medical notes. The sort of thing to might enter is “Comes later to meeting due to other commitment).
Be careful what you put here, the parent may see them. They should not see them and they shouldn’t be displayed on My.SCOUT (notes for Adult Leaders are), but you never can foresee.

Can Swim Req’d

This is The Scout Association membership number when applied to an adult member.

Cross-Reference between OSM defaults and our usage

OSM Name,Our Name,Comment
Phone 1,Home
Phone 2,Mobile 1
Phone 3,Mobile 2
Phone 4,Emergcy Phone
Email 1,Email 1
Email 2,Email 2
Email 3,,not used
Email 4,,not used
Section/Role/Patrol,Section/Role/Patrol,This field changes name depending upon the section.
Address 1,Address
Address 2,NHS#
Medical,Dr’s Address
Gift Aid,Notes
Custom 1,Last Tetanus
Custom 2,,not used
Custom 3,,not used
Custom 4,,not used
Custom 5,,not used
Custom 6,,not used
Custom 7,,not used
Custom 8,,not used
Custom 9,Can Swim Req'd