Email System

We use an email system that is comprised of three types of email addresses (as of October 2017), as follows:

Personal Address Forwarding

In order to maintain the privacy of personal email addresses and to make things a little simpler for parents, every leader, group executive member and administrator has an email address at The address is either:

  • A scouting name, like ( i.e.
  • Your full name, like (i.e.

If you have a specific role within the group, i.e. Treasurer, you may also have an address for that role, like ( as well as one with your full name.

Mailing Lists

There are a number of mailing lists for leaders, group executive members and administrators. These allow you to contact your peers easily and enable discussion within the group. The features of these lists are:

  • They use your personal email address and not the forwarding address. This means you don’t need to set up an alias for Personal Address Forwarding.
  • Every mail sent to the list is recorded in an archive and may be viewed in the future.
  • Most mailing lists are setup so parents can mail to them, but they are not members of the list and don’t see postings sent by the members.
  • If you reply to a non-member, the email will go to that person alone.
    NOTE: If you want such a reply archived, you must Cc the list as well, reply all will do that for you.

You can view a list of all the mailing lists here.

OSM Active Lists

It would be practically impossible to use a mailing list to email youth members of our sections, since there are so many of them and they change so often. However, OSM provides an email list system that we use to contact all members of a section, a collection of sections or even the whole group.

In order to be able to use these lists, there two basic rules:

  • The email address you send the mail from must be the one registered in OSM (i.e.n the you use log in). People receive the email with that address as the From address.
  • That address must have read access in OSM to the Personal Details of the Section (or people) you are trying to mail (if you don’t have that permission, please contact a member of the admin team).

There are many OSM addresses and their format is complex, so we have created simpler aliases for the most commonly used ones. These exist for each youth section (i.e. Bisons), collection of youth sections (i.e. Beavers), the Active Support unit (ASU) and the whole group. The addresses take the form, so in the case of Bisons, it’s, for all the cubs its, for the ASU it’s and for the entire group it is

You can use the OSM Email Delivery Reports found under the Section Admin tab, to view the status of such emails.