2nd Bracknell Cub and Scout Summer Camp 2021

2nd Bracknell Cub and Scout Summer Camp 2021

Well, where do we start………. It is amazing that we got to go away this year at all with the ever-changing COVID restrictions…. Freedom Day…. Not really Freedom Day… New Freedom Day….

So, to start with unfortunately our Group camp got reduced to a Cub and Scout camp due to restrictions on Number and mixing of sections. It was with a heavy heart that we had to cancel our Beaver and Explorer sections and only travel with Scouts and Cubs and a band of Merry leaders and Kitchen staff.

We got off to a good start by being able to load the trailer at the hut in the dry which was a nice bonus …. But this did lull us into a false sense of security as we were in for a wet and windy week, and I am not referring to the baked beans and spaghetti hoops at breakfast……

We set off on our adventures to Blackland Farm just south of East Grinsted in West Sussex.

Camp was setup and the week began……..


Once we had settled in, we waited for the Cubs and Scouts to arrive.

The week started with the Scouts cooking Breakfast


Then the rain began….


And it rained a bit more …..


But being resourceful scouting types we did not let a little wet weather spoil our fun.

Next we had some rifle shooting where fun was had by all (Thanks to Derek Salter for giving up his time and being our instructor).


We had fun doing Pioneering, First Aid escape rooms and photography over the week in small Groups.

IMG_7425 IMG_7426 IMG_7428

We did Archery (Thanks to Alan for being our instructor) Well done to Phaona for Scoring 49 out of 50)

archeryIMG_7441 IMG_7442 IMG_7443

We had a 4.5 mile hike to and from the Bluebell Railway where we got to see the Steam trains and have an ice cream. The Scouts did a slightly longer route.

IMG_7437 IMG_7435 IMG_7432

We also had a great day at the beach. Enjoying Fish and Chips and sweets…..

IMG_7451 IMG_7456IMG_7480 IMG_7469 IMG_7476 IMG_7479

Some tired Leaders…….


The following Day we did some zip lining

IMG_7495 IMG_7516

Zipline video IMG_7497

Over the week we had camp fires…. We even got the kids to shower a couple of times (That was probably a couple of times more than some of the leaders….)

We made the best of the conditions even rebuilding the Event shelter when it got blown away and smashed to pieces……..

We finished the week but the Scouts saying goodbye to some of their members as they moved onto Explorers and some will also become young leaders.

IMG_7528 IMG_7529 IMG_7530 IMG_7531 IMG_7533 IMG_7535

We had another amazing camp hopefully all of the children had a fun time with many stories to tell. We did not let the weather defeat us.

Thank you to everybody who helped organize and arrange this camp.

Neil and Chris for being the camp leaders and putting most of the organization into it. Al for helping with all the risk assessments. Patrick, Alan, Felix, Natalie, Ben and JD for being there all week….. Euan, Andrew and Tanya for their help during the week. Steve R and John for their efforts in the kitchen… it is no easy task keeping 40 people fed and watered for a week. Steve Prower for driving the trailer down and picking it back up again. The Quartermasters for making sure we had the kit we needed and for helping us put it all away nice and clean.

Cubs visit Sky Academy – by Rama

It was the first day of half term and the second day of the clocks going back, so you would think 7.30am would see me snuggled in bed, maybe a cup of tea and a good book? 

Being a Cub Leader at 2nd Bracknell meant I was at the train station with my clip board waiting for 32 Cubs and 6 Leaders. We had arranged to visit Sky Academy where we were going to go behind the scenes at Sky and make our own TV news report.

So why would we take Cubs to Sky?  Sky Academy asks the Cubs to: be creative;  communicate effectively; solve problems; manage time carefully and practice teamwork. The skills we try and encourage in the week to week meetings.

The Cubs were really well behaved on the busy commuter train, during a quick change at Virginia Water and on to Syon Lane. We arrived and were led into the Sky studios, four floors, 100m by 45m each floor the size of a football pitch.

We saw life size models of the Simpsons, Sulley and Mike,  studios with very expensive cameras and we met people who worked on the ‘sharing’ floor, this is where the Sky programmes get sent to the satellites and people’s homes.   We saw Sky News being presented live on air. We then went to the ‘making’ floor and the Cubs put into practice what they had learnt in their own studios.

With a theme of ‘Taking care of our world’, Reporters reported, Editors edited, Producers produced, Script writers wrote, Witnesses and Experts were interviewed, Directors pulled it all together and the camera operators caught it all on camera.  Each Cub should have a USB wristband with their News report on it.  If not please e mail rama@2ndbracknell.org.uk

The Cubs were perfectly behaved and you never know may have been inspired to pursue a career in television.



Kayaking with Cubs at the Wokingham Waterside Centre – June 2015

Sorting out my old video collection the other day I can across a film that I used to love.  It is a film about an American football team, the Titans, the film is aptly named ‘Remember the Titans’.  It was a film about a sports team who worked to overcome racial intolerance; they were a mixture of white and black players in late 60’s.  So what has this got to do with Cubs?

At the end of last term the Cubs leaders decided a joint meeting would be a good idea.  Something fun, something out of doors rain or sunshine, and something everyone could participate in?  Not too much to consider remembering Staggs meet on a Tuesday and Wolves and Foxes on a Thursday.

Kayaking at the waterside centre, sounds perfect but then the logistics started to fall apart, too many Cubs to have everyone kayaking at the same time on one day.  So on w/c 21st of June the Cubs descended on the waterside centre 24 Cubs on the Tuesday and 32 Cubs on the Thursday.  Once again 2nd Bracknell Cubs trip to the Wokingham waterside centre came with gorgeous weather and fantastic coaches.

Kayaking3Though it did give Baloo a nightmare in group allocation and form collecting so a big ‘Thank you’ to him and all his effort and time to make the kayaking run smoothly.

The Cubs had loads of fun, some came out of the kayaking looking like they had fallen in, some did fall in, and some stayed dry.  So what has this got to do with an old American football team film?

Kayaking2Just like in the film, sport united the Cubs; they had to work with Cubs they may not know, it taught tolerance, communication, fairness and helped enhance physical coordination and strength.  It also united the Leaders and parents, working in a unit can sometime become insula, these joint meetings with a common activity are so important to the Cubs, Parents and Leaders alike.





Parent and Child Camp 2015 – Badge Competition

Win a £20 voucher by designing this year’s camp badge.

The competition is open to Beavers, Cubs and Scouts in South and South East Berks Districts.  Simply draw, paint or colour your design, interpreting the camp theme, on a plain sheet of A4 paper.  Include the following details in your design:

  • The words “South & South East Berks” (you may shorten to S & SE Berks)
  • The scout fleur-de-lis style symbol
  • The words “48th Parent & Child Camp”
  • The camp theme “Game On”

Your badge design may be any shape, include up to four colours and one other colour for the background.

On the reverse put your name, section (Beaver, Cub or Scout) and full group name, eg 2nd Bracknell.

The winner will be announced at this year’s camp.

Send entries to Mike Page, 315 Nine Mile Ride, Wokingham, RG40 3NL or email to mike.pageone@googlemail.com

Entries to be received by Tuesday 30th June 2015.

Good luck!


Cub (Foxes) – Adventure at PGL by Rama

Normally the Monday after a weekend away with Cubs I’m exhausted, still trying to sort out hastily packed  boxes, cleaning kitchen equipment and sorting through various miscellaneous carrier bags of debris.  Today though I have caught up with my household chores, spoken to parents, taken the dogs for a walk and had a very pleasant relaxing day. 

So why the difference? The Cubs went to PGL Liddington. PGL are a company that run activity centres, inspiring children with outdoor adventure.  Most of the organisation of the holiday is done by PGL from an initial per person inclusive cost to being looked after for the whole weekend by our “Groupie” everything is organised for me. 

Last year when the Leaders at Foxes sat down with the Cubs to ask what sort or holiday or camp they wanted in the Cubs year of adventure they unanimously voted for beds indoors, with showers.  They wanted lots of activities, cake to eat and they wanted to go by coach.  Firstly, I found the costs for indoor accommodation and eight adventurous activities at two scout centres, I also spoke to PGL, the costs were comparable but with PGL all the bedding was supplied, food was included and I didn’t have to organise everything or spend the weekend cooking.

We left Bracknell at 3pm on the Friday by coach, and arrived at Liddington at 4.15pm.  We were met by our groupie Sami and were shown to our en-suite rooms.  The Cubs were split into rooms of four, bunk beds, all beds were made and the kids enjoyed unpacking.  Our Groupie gave us a tour of the site and went through the site rules and fire procedures.  It was then time for our first meal, a choice of three dishes, choice of vegetables, salad bar, fruit and cheese cake.  It made a huge difference sitting down and eating with the Cubs, talking to the Cubs, they were so excited. 

After tea it was time to play “Ambush” a wide game, first job was to put on camouflage, mmm rather them than me.  The Cubs then spent hours running around the bushes thoroughly enjoying the evening sunshine.  Soon it was time to go to bed; the Cubs sung their way back to the rooms and washed.


Figure 1 Make up delight for the Friday night.


The next morning the Cubs were up and ready by 7am for breakfast at 8am, after cereal, cooked breakfast, toast and fruit it was off to our first activities, Quad biking and crate challenge.


Figure 2 How high can we go.


Figure 3 This is hard work.


Figure 4 Learning to belay.


Figure 5 Can we stay up here?


Figure 6 Girls are always the best drivers.


Figure 7 Not too fast and don’t knock me down.

Lunch on the Saturday was a very noisy affair, lots of “quad biking was the best”  “we got the highest on the crates”  after  lunch of hot baguettes, fillings and salad we were off again this time to abseil a 39.5 foot tower and become champion archers…


Figure 8 do we really have to go up there?


Figure 9 A new technique the caterpillar wiggle.


Figure 10Figure 11 Come here I’ll help.


Figure 12 I made it!


Figure 13 Fire when ready.


Figure 14 Can I touch?


Figure 15 A new skill discovered.


After dinner it was to a more traditional camp activity and outside for a campfire, old favourites and new songs learnt and stories that involved getting dirty (again)


Figure 16 I wonder if I can get into bed without washing?


Figure 17 Keeping up the Scouting traditions. Elemental movements.

Saturday night saw everyone asleep by 9.30pm, wonderful.

Sunday morning saw cooked breakfast with, apparently, the best spaghetti ever.  This time it was off to zip wire and challenge course.


Figure 18 Caterpillars again


Figure 19 Almost like riding a horse


Figure 20 the Zip wire


Figure 21 Again and again

After a lunch of hot sausage rolls we had just enough energy to try fencing and vertical challenge.


Figure 22 Looks easy from here.


Figure 23 because I’m happy, clap along, if you feel like that’s what you want to do.


Figure 24 that really is high.



Figure 25 Made it to the first bit.


Figure 26 I think I want to come down.


Figure 27 Yep too high.


Figure 28 Spider skills


Figure 29 Get ready…

Figure 30 On Guard!


Figure 31 Real Foils!

The trip home on the coach wasn’t as quiet as I expected, but I did enjoy the rendition of Reece’s peanut butter cup.  The Cubs were challenged, encouraged, excited and all had a fantastic time.  Now I wonder where they choose to go next?