Sponsored Walk raises over £700….!!

You may remember a weekend when it didn’t rain…?

Well, the Group Sponsored Walk on the 20th October which looked like being a wet affair was extremely successful and we managed to stay dry..!! The results are in and after an absolutely fantastic effort through sponsorship 22 Young People raised the Grand sum of £718…!!

A very big Thank You for the Group for putting on the Sponsored Walk but in particular to

Name Section
Ewan Coyle Bisons
Abbie Crook Bisons
Connor Hughes Bisons
Nick Lockington Bisons
Jack Wooster Mounties
Jozeph Zambaux Mounties
Giles Harper Lumberjacks
Joshua Priestley Lumberjacks
Ben Tyler Lumberjacks
James Hall Pioneers
Daniel Winfield Wolves
Mathew Bangs Wolves
Benjamin Wigg Wolves
Rhys Jones Foxes
Robert Harpur Stags
Hannah Molley Stags
Katie Molley Stags
Vincent Custance Belfast
Christopher Menon Belfast
Joshua Molloy Belfast
Jack Morris Belfast
Matt Lee Explorers

Next Time it would be great to see many more of you….!!

Bag Packing at Morrisons

Yesterday, 2nd Bracknell helped customers with bag packing at Morrisons (at the Peel Centre). This was a great opportunity to raise funds (£295) and a number of members attended, as follows:

  • Beavers
    • Bisons
      • Connor Hughes
      • Nick Lockington
      • Connor Pringle
      • Ewan Coyle
    • Lumberjacks
      • Toby Langsbury
    • Mounties
      • Spencer Baker
      • River Kinch
      • Conn Farrell
    • Pioneers
      • Oscar Brown
  • Cubs
    • Foxes
      • Oliver Long
      • Bradley Spence
      • Callum Thompson
      • Bethany Baker
      • Emille Thayne
      • Katy Thayne
    • Stags
      • Adam Shill
    • Wolves
      • Clodagh Farrell
      • William Birch
      • Liam Devine
  • Scouts
    • Belfast
      • James Birch
      • Vincent Custance
      • Fraser Russell
    • Victory
      • Alex Merrington
      • Conor Gallo
  • Explorers
    • Thomas Birch
    • Matthew Lee

Along with the following adults:

  • Steve Prower
  • Derek Salter
  • Judy & Richard Baker
  • Victoria Thompson
  • Steve Richards
  • Mark Hughes
  • Dale Kipp
  • Marion Carter
  • Nick Garrick
  • And some others that just arrived unannounced

Our sincere thanks go to all who attended, especially the adults who turned out at such short notice and to Mr Prower (our GSL) who stood outside the store for the entire time we were there (09:30-15:00), than went in and did the shopping as text’d to him while he was standing outside!

Our thanks also go to Morrisons for allowing us to raise funds at their store, without whom we could not have achieved this.

ASU & Leaders sidebar


I did want to add the above sidebars, so we could include ASU and Exec etc programmes, like we do for the youth sections, unfortunately, the OSM pluging doesn’t bring those sections in.

I’ll look at that later.


And unbelivable service from Ed, he came back and confirmed the fix and will introduce that asap – I’ve made the change and it works :-)