The Beavers Waiting List

This page gives some details of how the Beavers waiting list works. It’s this process that most of our new members come through.

  • Parents/Guardians may add their son or daughter to the waiting list once the child has had their 4th birthday.
  • To add a child to the waiting list use the following link
  • Complete the form and use the “Anything else” box if you want to specify Wednesdays only (for example).
  • The completed form will be automatically delivered to the Beavers Administrator (and other principle leaders in the group), hereon referred to as the Administrator.
  • The Administrator will add your son or daughter to the waiting list.
  • The Administrator will aim to acknowledge your application within 3 working days.
  • The Administrator regularly reviews the Colony registers for spaces coming available. Spaces become available if:
    • a Beaver leaves Scouting for any reason.
    • the family move out of our catchment area.
    • if a Beavers progresses into Cubs.
  • The waiting list is reviewed prior to the start of each term and just before half-term, taking into account:
    • the date your son or daughter joined the waiting list.
    • the current age of your son or daughter.
    • whether you have indicated that you only wish to be considered for specific days of the week and/or location.
  • Subject to the above, when a space is available, you will be emailed with an offer of a Colony place and start date.
  • You need to respond to the offer by the date provided in that email.

Although the core age range for Beavers is from 6 years old until 8 years old it is not always possible to start a child in Beavers as soon as they have turned 6 years old. It is possible that your child may be closer to 7 years old when a place is offered.

Please note that if a child is already in a Beaver Colony in another Scout Group elsewhere in the country and the family move into our catchment area we are obliged to make all efforts to make room for the child to remain in Beavers, thus bypassing the waiting list.

Considering the size of Bracknell, if a family moved house into our catchment area and already attends a Bracknell located Scout Group, we are NOT required to find a space. The child would remain with their current Scout Group even though it may be across town.

Similarly if you live in our catchment area but have already accepted a space in another Scout Group that is less convenient because of travel conditions, ie Live in Warfield but attend Ascot, we are again NOT required to find a space.