Mounties Programme

Below is the Mounties programme for the current term.

15/09/2017Welcome BackWelcome back our Beavers and our new Beavers. Discuss what Beavers is all about, what the ground rules are and what we expect in regards to behaviour. Then fun and games.
22/09/2017Scavenger Hunt
29/09/2017Bird Feeder/water purification
06/10/2017Pond Dipping @ Westmorland Park
13/10/2017Young ScientistsSuggest we do 2 experiments: 1) White light spinners ( ). Should be able to make these in one evening, with one other experiment, eg volcano made by bicarb and vinegar and food colouring. Third experiment, as per badge requirements, can be done with Canoe Building evening.
20/10/2017Parents v Beavers
03/11/2017Let's get Creative with Junk!Junk modelling, with a theme of transport. We'll need to ask Beavers to bring in "junk" that week; we can't ask them to bring in junk the week before as it is Half term, and there will be nowhere to store it.
10/11/2017Art & Craft for Bonfire Night
17/11/2017Farm to Fork @ Tesco WarfieldPlease note, this programme will finish at 7.30pm, to allow us to do the entire trail. All 4 groups are meeting at Tesco Warfield, our contact is Amanda.
24/11/2017Night Hike
01/12/2017Under the StarsAn evening of astrological fun and education.
08/12/2017Christmas BaublesPainting Christmas baubles, provided by Lili Pottery. Beavers will be able to paint their own Christmas tree bauble which will be taken away, put through a kiln, and returned at next week's meeting, ready for the tree. 2nd Bracknell is paying 50% towards the charge raised, for each Beaver attending. Therefore the cost to each Beaver is £4 however any siblings attending will be required to pay the full £8. All payments - CASH on the day. Venue: Scout Hut This is a change to our intended program which was discussing and observing bats. We hope to be able to run the program next term.
15/12/2017Thinking of others at Christmas in other countries.Venue: Scout Hut We all know how we celebrate Christmas in the UK but is it the same in every country??????