Mounties Programme

Below is the Mounties programme for the current term.

11/09/2020Zoom - Welcome Back Welcome back the Beavers and welcome our new starters. Chat about what they have been doing over the holidays/activities they would like to do in Beavers. Play a short Coded Treasure Hunt.
18/09/2020Zoom - Game & Log ChewCome and play a game and join in a Log Chew. What hobbies do you have? Would you like to work towards earning your Hobby Badge?! During our future online meetings, we will be giving slots for a few Beavers each time, to show and share their hobby with their peers and earn their badge! Tonight is an opportunity to start preparing.
25/09/2020Zoom - Game & Cooks BadgeYou will have received an email in advance, asking you to source a few simple food items ready for tonight that your young person can prepare and cook during our Zoom meeting! Beavers will be doing some online activities for this badge and will be going into their kitchens (whilst still on Zoom) to make a simple small meal/snack. Parents, we'll need you to supervise safety in the kitchen please. They will then bring this out to show their peers and can eat what they have made!
02/10/2020Zoom - International Badgework
09/10/2020Learn and practice a new skill.Join our Zoom meeting where we will learn how to send messages to everyone using the Chat function in Zoom. Beavers will be able to ask their peers questions and learn new things about each other. This will count towards the Beavers Digital Citizen 1 Badge.
16/10/2020Badge work & Sports Quiz.We will be introducing the Animal Friend badge. This will be accessible to all, irrespective of whether you have a pet or not. We will be sending out some homework by email for this badge to be completed at home over the next few weeks. We also plan to run a Sports Quiz over Zoom. How many sports can you identify from some topsy turvy and snapshot photos!
23/10/2020Zoom Meeting - Ceremonies, Hobbies & Cryptic Hunt