Mounties Programme

Below is the Mounties programme for the current term.

14/09/2018Welcome BackOpening ceremony: Play a game of your choice. Then get Beavers into a dam and run through the fire procedure for your location. ( Please then practice later on and do a fire drill) Beaver Rules this is across all four colonies and every Beaver must follows these this will keep us in line with all other sections and prepare our Beavers to move on in scouting. 1). Be kind to each other. 2). When you see a Leader or Young Leader raise there hand you must stop and acknowledge you have seen the request by being quiet and raising your own hand. 3). Do not talk while others are talking wether this is a Leader, guest or other Beavers. 4). Keep hands, feet and unkind words to yourselves. 5) Always tell an adult if there is a problem.( remember we. Any help unless we know) Games Then closing ceremony where badges are to be awarded oh and a bear yo-yo each.
21/09/2018Evening Hike
28/09/2018Disabilities AwarenessBeavers will be covering all criteria required in order to achieve the Disability Awareness Activity badge.
05/10/2018Digital Maker Badgework
12/10/2018Health & Fitness5:50 - 6 coming in activity (healthy eating colouring sheet) 6-6:05 opening ceremony 6:05-6:10 log chew - discuss what our body needs to help us maintain a balanced diet . Take beavers pulse at resting 6:10-6:30 obstacle challenge and parachute games. Take the beavers pulse explain why different 6:30-6:50 making vegetable people 6:50-6:55 log chew - discuss what the ingredients of vegetable people are good for ie: carots to see in the dark, give us vitamin D. Retake pulse it should now be close to first pulse reading . 6:55-7pm closing ceremony.
19/10/2018Song & GamesThis week we are learning a couple of campfire songs ready for the joint meeting after half term (sheets will be provided for leaders ) Please ensure you all teach the same songs as detailed on the sheets PIZZA HUT: (WE WILL BE LEADING THIS SONG) CAMPFIRES BURNING. KUM BA YAH Obviously the Cubs and Scouts will also be leading songs which eventually our Beavers will become familiar with. Now please set Personal challenges for the beavers : 1 could be to wear neckerchief each week or similar or be quite when leaders are talking for 3 weeks 2nd challenge is one for at home which could be keep room clean for 3 or more weeks or something similar Play games for the rest of the night this should be a mixture chosen by the leader of the night.
26/10/2018HALF TERM WEEK
02/11/2018Packing for a Camp
16/11/20182nd Bracknell Group - Campfire @ Lily Hill ParkGroup campfire at Lilly hill please arrive at car park for a 18:30 start . We will be singing the song chosen by most beaver groups as are chosen song to lead . THIS MEETING IS FOR FRIDAY NIGHT ONLY FOR ALL BEAVERS
23/11/2018Animal Friends @ Pets at HomeWe will be meeting at Pets At Home either this week or the following week. Awaiting confirmation from the store. Next week's programme will be this week if the store cannot take us until next week. Homework this week is to look after an animal parents/ guardians to confirm this is done
30/11/2018Christmas Decorations making
07/12/2018Beaver Inspired ProgrammingPARENTS V BEAVER NIGHT
14/12/2018Communicator Badgework