Lumberjacks Programme

Below is the Lumberjacks programme for the current term.

25/04/2018Welcome Back/ Saints Programme
02/05/2018Mud Pie @ Scout Hut This is at the Scout Hut (Freeborn Way, Bullbrook) not at the school thank you. Please wear old clothes and an old coat. Uniform not required. Beavers will be sculpting animals out of mud.
09/05/2018Air ActivitiesMake and decorate a hot air balloon. Discussion on flying. Balloon volleyball. Fly to Barney.
16/05/2018Earleywood Climbing @ Earleywood
23/05/2018Sports Night @ Lily Hill Park@Lily Hill meet in car park
30/05/2018Half term No Meeting
06/06/2018Badge Night
13/06/2018Fathers Day
20/06/2018International Badge5. 50 welcome. Colour some flags with the right colours.We have provided examples for you. 6.00 opening ceremony 6.05 form a dam and each person discuss what flag they like and if they know any interesting fact about the country they chose. Whilst chatting leaders to hand out the tasting food to those beavers who can taste them. PLEASE REMEMBER ALLERGIES. WHEAT, SUNFLOWER OIL, PALM OIL, SOYA AND SESAME OIL. 6.20 song time We are going international. tonight we have a few simple tasks for you. learn a simple song that most people especially your leaders will already know. As its international we are going to learn the french version where the song originated. the song is usually sung once by the group then we split into groups and start singing after the group before has sung the first line. Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques, Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous? Sonnez les matines! Sonnez les matines! Ding, dang, dong. Ding, dang, dong. Hopefully by your next camp you will all remember it and be able to sing with all the other beavers and impress the cubs and scouts 6.35 Its going to be time to say good night soon so how would you like to learn to say hello and good bye in a different language good morning goodbye 6.45 GAME French bonjour German guten morgen Spanish buenos dias Italian buongiorno French au revoir German auf wiedersehen Spanish adios Italian arrivederci 6.55 closing ceremony.
27/06/2018Littering Picking @ The hutWe will be meeting at The Hut from 17:45 and finish at 19:00. All equipment will be provided and suggest Beavers bring small ruck sac with water bottle and a coat. Parent helpers if you help this will be appreciated greatly.
04/07/2018Badge Night 2
11/07/2018Grays Farm @ Grays Farm Wokingham£2 charge per beaver Please note the earlier start time of 5.30pm Please allow for traffic as we will start on time.
18/07/2018Water GamesBeavers will get wet during some challenging water based games. Please bring a change of clothes and/or a large towel. Uniform is not essential.