Lumberjacks Programme

Below is the Lumberjacks programme for the current term.

24/04/2019Welcome BackIMPORTANT NOTE: No Pioneers as Easter Monday Bank Holiday. All other Colonies to meet as usual. Welcome back! Settling back in. What did you do over the holiday? Fun and Games. Rules/behaviour/uniform expectations Fire Drill explanation and reminder.
01/05/2019St George's DayWho was St. George and what did he do? Beavers will be learning about St. George and doing craft and games linked to this.
08/05/2019CookeryAll Leaders are responsible for checking if there are any allergies in their group before proceeding with this programme Please note that the Bisons are including the personal challenges in this programme. If this is something you want to/can do in your group, please add the details
15/05/2019GardeningBeavers will be working towards earning their "Gardener" Badge. Come and make a fun Grass Head! Come and plant a Sunflower seed that you will need to take care of and watch it grow!
22/05/2019Photographer - Part 1Come and learn how to take great photographs. Beavers will be working towards earning their "Photographer" Badge. Please Note this programme is being run over 2 sessions and will involve some fun half-term homework. Beavers will need to attend both weeks and complete the homework in order to earn their badge! Beavers will be set a half-term holiday project!
29/05/2019HALF TERM - NO MEETINGNo meetings this week as half term.
05/06/2019Photographer - Part 2Part 2 of Photographers Badge. Be Prepared! Beavers will need to bring their completed homework project with them TONIGHT. Colonies will be viewing and sharing results of the half-term project that was set.
12/06/2019Fruit & Veg @ Grays FarmVisit Grays Farm and come home with veg and strawberries (for which they are best known) There will be a charge per Beaver of £2 Colony Name Day Date Pioneers Monday 17th June Lumberjacks Wednesday 12th June Bisons Thursday 13th June Mounties Friday 21st June ALL 17:30 - 19:00
19/06/2019Den Building @ The Lookout
26/06/2019Litter PickingMeet for start and finish at Scout HQ (Freeborn Way) Let's do our bit to help look after the environment and our local community by helping pick up litter. Warfield Environment Group will provide equipment and a member of their team to support. Wear Beaver Uniform and dress appropriately for the weather. (ie coat if rain is expected etc) Please bring a pair of gloves to wear. Litter will be collected using Litter Pickers. Before leaving your young person, please check with Leader that they have enough adults. Thanks.
03/07/2019Camp CraftBeavers will be covering some elements of their Camp Craft badge.
10/07/2019KataKanuing @ The Wokingham Waterside CentreCome and try KataKanuing on the River Thames and earn your "Time on Water" badge. Important: There will be a charge for this event and you will need to be signed up in advance. Briefing 18:00-18:15 Time on Water 18:15-19:15
19/07/2019Joint Meeting @ Lily Hill ParkIMPORTANT NOTE: Joint Meeting is on Friday 19th July. All Colonies will meet on this date. This will be a joint meeting of all 4, 2nd Bracknell Beaver Colonies plus an invitation to another Scout Group's Beavers within South East Berks. District. Wide Games & Camp Fire & camp fire songs. INSTRUCTIONS: Site will be very busy. Please consider walking or car sharing and be mindful of the safety of young people exiting vehicles etc in a busy car park area. Please wear Beaver uniform. Sensible outdoor shoes. Please bring a rucksack with a waterproof coat and filled water bottle. Running around will make you thirsty! Beavers will need to carry/be responsible for these. Please check with Leader that they have enough adults before leaving your young person. PLEASE NOTE - Parents/Carers will need to collect their young person from the fire circle. (up above the giant picnic bench) at 7.30pm. Thank you.