Bisons Programme

Below is the Bisons programme for the current term.

16/01/2020Welcome BackWelcome back! Welcome New Starters. Settling back in. What did you do over the holiday? Fun and Games! Expectations/Rules/Behaviour (Code of Conduct)/Uniform Fire Drill explanation/reminder. NOTE: For NEXT WEEK, your young person will need to bring a bag of junk/recycling to Beavers to make a model to take home. Please support them with this. Thank you.
23/01/2020Junk ModellingPlease bring your bag of junk and recycling to make a model to take home.
30/01/2020Badge WeekWe will be covering various badge elements this week and having fun along the way.
06/02/2020International SportsSports night. Come and have fun learning about and joining in a sports based activity. We will be covering part of the Sports Badge.
13/02/2020ValentinesWhat is Valentines Day all about. Why do we celebrate it? Can we design our own card?
27/02/2020Space WeekDiscuss what you can see in the sky. Name planets and think about how to remember the order. What is a constellation? Show one constellation and how to find it.
05/03/2020Snow Tubing @ John Nike CentreThe plan is to take the Beavers Snow Tubing at the John Nike Centre if this can be arranged... NB To Be Confirmed Snow Tubing has been done by Cubs several times and been thoroughly enjoyed. Time now for Beavers to have a go! There will be a charge raised to cover the event.
12/03/2020Young LeadersOur Young Leaders who assist our Beaver colonies will be preparing this week's programme. Details to follow. Come and join us for some fun!
19/03/2020Mother's DayCome and make something for the person who cares for you and looks after you in your home. What is Mother's Day? Why do we celebrate it?
26/03/2020Badge WorkWe will be covering various badge elements this week and having fun along the way.
02/04/2020Rocks CraftBring a pebble to decorate!