Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service Charity Car Wash

On Sunday 25th June members of 2nd Bracknell worked alongside the firemen at Bracknell Fire Station in their Charity Car Wash from 10am through to 4pm. In addition to washing cars raffle tickets were sold, with the winner having the choice of a signed football, with authentication certificate, from either Spurs or Arsenal.

All money from the car wash and raffle was split equally between The Fire Fighters Charity and the victims of the recent Grenfell Tower fire. In total the sum of £2080.50 was raised.

Many thanks to Steve Kitteridge, Anita & Paul Holley, Claire & Adrian Williams, Melanie Woods, Sarah Multon, Sally Bangs (Swift), Aiden Johnson and Tyler Coventry, whose chamois leather skills are the best. Thanks also to the parents and leaders who gave generously when their cars were washed.

2nd Bracknell hope to be involved in the next RBFRS charity car wash.

Planting Saplings.

For 2 hours, Beavers from across the 4 colonies of 2nd Bracknell Scout Group were at Larks’s Hill, Quelm Park.

20141122_111039The drizzle did not dampen their enthusiasm  to plant 210 saplings, to become a new hedgerow. A total of 72 people came to help the Warfield Environment Group and Rangers from Bracknell Forest Council’s Parks & Countryside unit.






26 Beavers,  4 Beaver Leaders,  1 Young Leader from Explorers.  28 Parents and 13 Siblings.

In years to come those Beavers will be able to point out the hedgerow to their children and say “I planted that!”

20141122_110725WELL DONE EVERYONE – Thank you for turning up.