Gold Rush weekend at Nowhurst

We heard that there was gold in them there hills and we joined the gold rush to find it. Our summer term camp took us just up the road to Nowhurst. Our gold rush theme was rather overtaken by events when 2nd Bracknell called in to present Jacala with a special award. However, we still had plenty of time for fire lighting, wide games in the woods and of course our camp fire.


For more photos from the weekend please see our Nowhurst gallery.

Those that followed us (@ParbrookCubs) on Twitter or checked for our Twitter feed got extra information from camp as it happened:

  • All quiet at Nowhurst. That will change at 7pm when the gold rush starts
  • Dark on the field now but still rather too much noise from the Cub tents. Lights out
  • The thought of gold was too much for the residents of Rattlesnake Gulch who unwisely decided that 4.30am was a good time to disturb us
  • Sunshine and showers for breakfast – along with sausages, hoops and waffles of course
  • Pleased to welcome our friends from @2ndBracknell. Keego helping them with camp gadgets
  • We’re delighted that Jacala received the Award of Merit in a surprise presentation by @2ndBracknell leaders
  • Time for a bit of free time on the field while Keego sorts us out a fire to cook our dinner. A few tired faces about and Cubs too
  • Alfresco dining as we enjoy dinner in the sun
  • Camp fire with @2ndBracknell Cubs at Nowhurst
  • Thank you Nowhurst for a great weekend. Parbrook Cubs have left the site. Thanks also to our lovely parents for transporting gear